A Month of Education of the Heart

Papa Francesco (Jorge Mario Bergoglio)

A Month of Education of the Heart

Thirty Brief Meditations and a “Notebook” for Personal Reflection

1st edition September 2016
Size 11 x 18 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 96
CDU 226T 159
ISBN/EAN 9788821598999

A small diary of the soul on the theme of inner education, growth, and respect for others and the discovery of what makes us human: the union of mind and heart. Pope Francis writes: «God, however, does not tire, God has patience, He has a great deal of patience, and in time continues to educate and to form His people, as a father with His own child. God walks with us. The Prophet Hosea says: “I have walked with you and I taught you how to walk as a father teaches his child to walk”.» A booklet created for the personal meditation in the tight times of our daily life, when we feel the need to stop for a few minutes, knowing that we will almost immediately “start again.”

A small diary of the soul in the company of Pope Francis.

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