Together with God

Paolo Curtaz

Together with God

Bible Pages to be read as a Couple

1st edition September 2016
Size 13 x 20 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 208
CDU 19F 179
ISBN/EAN 9788821599095

It is a lively reflection on the couple relationship and the dynamics of love in the light of the Word of God. Paolo Curtaz tackles all fields of a life together: the affective, sexual, and spiritual ones. Important issues such as intimacy, cohabitation, divorce, artificial insemination, motherhood and fatherhood are told with great sensitivity and a pinch of humor, with a simple and direct language that leads to reflection. In the preface, Curtaz summarizes the changes that have occurred over the past decade in the family, in the Church and in society. It is an invitation to start from the Holy Scripture, an inexhaustible treasury about Love

A guide to a spirituality for couples grounded in the Bible in a new updated edition.

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