ON PAIN Words You Do Not Expect

Paolo Curtaz

ON PAIN Words You Do Not Expect

Parole che non ti aspetti

1st edition March 2022
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 256
CDU 22H 518
ISBN/EAN 9788892227910

Why do pain and suffering exist? Paolo Curtaz reflects on one of the great mysteries of every person’s life. The suffering, especially the suffering of the innocent, is the only serious objection to the existence of a good and compassionate God. It always represents a serious problem for those who welcome the face of the Father that Jesus revealed to us. Why do we suffer? What is the pain for? This essay reflects, with simplicity, on suffering, questioning the Word of God, without wanting to give an exhaustive answer the Bible itself does not offer. In this intense and profound volume Paolo Curtaz, one of the most appreciated and original spiritual authors of the last years, brings in personal and other people's stories marked by pain, without any pretense of giving easy answers, but with the desire to follow the few traces of light that emerge from biblical reflection and from his own experience: someone who passed through suffering managing to see a perspective of hope.

Paolo Curtaz (Aosta, 1965) is a theologian and a biblical scholar. He is considered as one of the most interesting spiritual authors of our time. He is too the bestselling author of numerous books on spirituality, Bible commentaries, essays about faith, and books for children. His books have been translated in various languages worldwide. Among his most recent publications for Edizioni San Paolo the trilogy Il cercatore, lo scampato, l’astuto, il sognatore (2016), L’arpa e la fionda (2017) and Lo sguardo di Dio (2018); Pecore (2020); Pastori (2020).

Selling Points

  • Personal testimony and reflection on the existence of pain and suffering. 
  • No easy answer. 
  • Well-known and appreciated spirituality author. 

 A meditation on God, life, faith, pain.

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