The Harp and the Sling

Paolo Curtaz

The Harp and the Sling

The Kings of Israel

1st edition November 2017
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 288
CDU 22H 384
ISBN/EAN 9788892213173

Saul’s power, David’s courage, Solomon’s wisdom. The events of the Kings of Israel appear far from our modern sensibility: words like reign and conquest, the battles for the throne or the idea that a realm depends on the divine anointing do not sound very familiar to our contemporary ears. Yet the story of Jesus, the descendant of David, prompts the readers to take on the Bible and the stories told in the Bible. In this way, we can discover the ambiguity of Saul’s power, that David will have to deal with his passions, temptation, and useless violence, and that even the wise Solomon will slip into ineptitude and become a slave of his own courtiers... Therefore, we will discover that the world of the Kings of Israel is very similar to our own world. We will discover too a world that, like ours, does not stop at tragedy but keeps on hoping in a «kingdom that is not of this world.» This book tells the story of the Kings of Israel, but at the same time and with tremendous precision it talks about our own world, our own time. Like never before, Paolo Curtaz combines a brilliant writing with an astonishing ability to explain this (apparently) ancient world.

Saul, David, Solomon ... the kings of Israel still have a lot to say to our present time.

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