Jesus Zero 1

Paolo Curtaz

Jesus Zero 1

To Slake Your Intelligence

1st edition June 2017
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 120
CDU 22H 367
ISBN/EAN 9788892211797

Why Jesus Zero? Because there is a “zero” point everyone has to restart from. Zero in the sense that Jesus is worth nothing for the contemporary world. Zero is what we know, even if we believe we know everything. Zero in order to reset the prejudices. This book has been written for readers who like the Nazarene, but are frustrated and confused by the many words that are said about Him. A book for readers who believes to believe and for readers who believe they don’t believe. This volume deals with simplicity with the cornerstones of the faith in Jesus: his historical existence, the historical sources, the interpretation of the announcement. An introduction to Christianity for lapsed Christians who want to finding faith again. A restorative cure for believers who want to strengthen their own faith and learn more.

An introduction to Christianity for lapsed Christians. A restorative cure for believers.

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