JESUS What if it was all true?

Angelo Comastri

JESUS What if it was all true?

E se fosse tutto vero?

1st edition February 2024
Size 16,8 x 21 cm

Number of pages 192
CDU 22H 528
ISBN/EAN 9788892243996


What if it was all true?

By Angelo Comastri

The life of Jesus written with passion and the engaging enthusiasm of the believer. Why is Jesus the one awaited by the people? Why was he born in a situation of total poverty? What are the traits of God that can be perceived by observing Jesus at work? With his usual conversational style and with a language that is as new as it is simple and direct, Cardinal Comastri, in this precious volume, makes us understand first of all, in the light of biblical prophecies, why Jesus is the Messiah awaited by Israel. He then takes us to Bethlehem, the decisive moment of the heroic faith of Mary and Joseph, to tell us about the birth of a "Child" who breaks history and introduces unthinkable innovations. He focuses on the teaching of Jesus, which had the effect of a bomb, because no one had ever spoken about God like him. He introduces us to the Cenacle to understand the meaning of the Eucharist and makes us scrutinize all the gestures that Jesus performed on the last evening spent on this earth. Finally, after Jesus is resurrected, with his missionary disciples, he makes us look up, waiting for the Lord's return. The images that accompany the text are like "stops" to better fix in the heart some moments of Jesus' life. A book to rearrange one's knowledge on the story of Christ and to no longer be unbelievers, but believers.

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