What is freedom? Maria Can Tell You

Angelo Comastri

What is freedom? Maria Can Tell You

Te lo dice Maria

1st edition April 2022
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 144
CDU 22H 519
ISBN/EAN 9788892228160

In this new volume, Cardinal Comastri helps us reflect on a question that is not at all obvious: what is freedom? Today, talking about freedom is like entering a land of quicksand: we seem to put our foot on the safe side and instead suddenly we realize that the ground does not hold up but sinks under us. We live, in fact, in a society that has lost the meaning of life so much that it doesn’t even look for it anymore. And the consequence is clear, as the stories told in the book clearly testify. Today freedom moves like a blind force that does not see a horizon and does not have a high goal to reach. To understand the meaning of freedom, Cardinal Comastri invites us to look to Mary, the freest woman because she had no idol in her heart. With her answer “Here I am”, an act of pure freedom, Mary surrenders herself to her Creator and allows God to open a passage into human history. When Mary declares herself servant of the Lord, she reaches the apex of human freedom. Freedom, therefore, is given to us as an opportunity to open ourselves to God, of whom we carry an innate need within us.

Card. ANGELO COMASTRI (Sorano, 1943) has been the vicar general of His Holiness for the Vatican City, archpriest of the papal basilica of Saint Peter, and president of the Fabric of Saint Peter until 2021. He is the author of numerous successful volumes on spirituality, liturgy, and meditation. Among his latest publications with Edizioni San Paolo: Le ultime parole di Gesù (2019); Smettiamo di ingannare i giovani (2019); Gli occhi di Dio (2020); Tu scendi dalle stelle... ed è Natale (2020); Nella notte in cui fu tradito (2021); Il perdono è l’arma di Dio (2021).

Selling Points
• A provocative text on the true meaning of freedom.
• An excellent book for the Marian month.
• Card. Angelo Comastri, is one of the most widely read authors of spirituality books.

 In search of true freedom guided by Mary, the Mother of God.

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