Are Children Still Going to Be Born From a Mum and a Dad?

Angelo Comastri

Are Children Still Going to Be Born From a Mum and a Dad?

Preface by Pope Francis

1st edition November 2017
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 160
CDU 22H 382
ISBN/EAN 9788892214125

Is it possible to give family its centrality back? Especially today it seems an increasingly difficult goal to reach. The book collects testimonies of ordinary and illustrious people around this subject. Without the example of parents capable of transmitting to their children the importance of prayer in life, the dedication to God and the welcome of the poor, we would not have had such figures as John XXIII, John Paul II, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta. This book aims to help us overcome a general resignation. However, it is possible to get along this path, only it is the family will follow God’s plan. And families according to God’s plan are the indispensable condition for a better and happier world. So Pope Francis in his Preface: «The purpose of this book is to stir up enthusiasm and to empower the conviction that it is possible to build a family according to God’s plan.» A quiet and provocative text at the same time. It can be used as a tool for priests and family pastoral workers for marriage preparation courses.

«I accompany these reflections by Cardinal Comastri with my blessing and also with my gratitude for the message he boldly proposes.» Pope Francis

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