Miss Euphorbia

Luigi Ballerini

Miss Euphorbia

Pastry Master

3ª edizione ottobre 2014
Formato 14 x 21,5 cm - CARTONATO QUADRO
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 128
CDU R6N 115
ISBN/EAN 9788821590900

Marta is 12 years old and lives alone with her father, a teacher, because her mother is dead. She takes care of her grandmother. On her last school day, Marta comes across a strange bakery together with her grandmother. The owner is Miss Euphorbia: she makes only bespoke pastries, each designed and manufactured for a particular occasion or person. Her desserts have names such as “I-could-get-a-good-idea” or “I-have-to-find-an-alternative-soon.” Marta’s grandmother is irritated by such an eccentricity, but Marta is conquered by Euphorbia and decides to enroll in intensive pastry classes in the bakery. To her great surprise she is the only one to attend classes, but soon a certain Matteo arrives. Marta recognizes him as the favorite pupil of his father. Under the guidance of Miss Euphorbia the two yougsters learn the art of pastry, but above all to observe carefully and to ask people what they really need. The week-long course passes quickly, and Marta and Matteo become friends. They will help Euphorbia to solve the problem with the eviction order for the bakery using their mysterious pastry system. With a twist at the end. Winner of the Andersen Prize 2014 (9-12 years).

Nobody can resist Euphorbia’s pastries!

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