The Golden Legend 1. The Opponent

Pierdomenico Baccalario

The Golden Legend 1. The Opponent

1ª edizione febbraio 2016
Formato 14 x 21,5 cm - CARTONATO QUADRO
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 160
CDU R6N 72
ISBN/EAN 9788821597251

From its origins, the world has been contested by two factions: Good and Evil. For thousands of years, seven Saints and seven Devils have been fighting for the control of it, but no one has ever prevailed. Now, these unique beings are preparing to fight the most important battle of all. It will happen in a metropolis, in he present day, among skyscrapers and dark streets in the slums. Everything is allowed: tricks, traps, and pitfalls. The seven Fishermen challenge the seven Opponents. And if they accomplish their mission, they will receive in exchange a silver coin. The price of the journey home. To heaven. O Hell.

The heroes are back. Although, they had never gone away.
The most important battle of all is about to begin.

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