The Golden Legend 2. The Witness

Pierdomenico Baccalario

The Golden Legend 2. The Witness

1ª edizione aprile 2016
Formato 14 x 21,5 cm
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 144
CDU R6N 73
ISBN/EAN 9788821598036

Daniel Jay Clarke is tired of doing nothing. Months have gone since the clash between Fishermen and Ash, but no one has answered his questions yet. Who are Ash’s accomplices? Why are they against him? Daniel is not grudging, but he prefers to know whom has to do with. Especially if someone tries to blow him up with a bomb. No matter if the truth is worse than what it seems. His parents are gone, and he lives on a boat with a crazy aunt. He can endure some bad news! So ha decides to embark on a series of personal investigations and discovers that he is very close to the answers he is seeking. That closeness is enough to endanger himself and the people around him. Enough to get him trapped in a horrible machination gear. The Opponents are only interested in winning the thousand-year battle for the fate of humanity. And for them, winning means to hurt as many people as they can. With or without the Witness ...

The thousand-year battle for the fate of humanity is going on, and Daniel is seeking some answers.

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