Hanna Never Closes Her Eyes

Luigi Ballerini

Hanna Never Closes Her Eyes

1ª edizione dicembre 2015
Formato 14 x 21,5 cm - CARTONATO TONDO
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 176
CDU R6N 70
ISBN/EAN 9788821597008

🏆 Fenice Europa Prize

Thessaloniki, 1943. The largest community of Sephardic Jews in Europe is under German domination. In those years Guelfo Zamboni is Consul General at the Italian Consulate of Thessaloniki, assisted by Captain Lucillo Merci. Through their help Jews with Italian citizenship living in Thessaloniki can avoid deportation leaving by train to Athens, an Italian enclave. While the holocaust looms over the city, Hanna and Yosef, two fifteen years old Jews, find themselves sharing a house in the ghetto of Kalamaria. Their families are not Italian citizens, but they manage to get by Italian diplomats false certificates of Italian citizenship in order to leave safely to Athens. However, one day Yosef rebels against a German officer who is hurting a child. That act causes retaliation, and Yosef is deported to Auschwitz, despite his new documents. Hanna is able to leave to Athens with her family, but she is torn between the pain of losing Yosef and the hope of a new beginning. Two stories running parallel in the background of a city devastated by the Nazi madness and coming together only in the last chapter at the station, with Hanna’s departure.

The story of two Jewish Teenagers in Tessaloniki during the Second world war.

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