EXPERIENCING THE FEAR A Journey into the Most Ancient and Powerful Emotion

Elisa Veronesi , Paolo M. Manzalini

EXPERIENCING THE FEAR A Journey into the Most Ancient and Powerful Emotion

Un viaggio nell'emozione più antica e potente

1ª edizione luglio 2022
Formato 14 x 21 cm
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 192
CDU 15D 99
ISBN/EAN 9788892229129

We are used to think that fear is an emotion to be repressed and defeat but fear, warning us of the presence of a threat and spurring us to react, has always been a guarantor of our sur- vival. For human beings, therefore, it is natural, even healthy, feel fear, and it is normal for the little ones to talk about it. Unfortunately, it is true, however, that when it is experienced in an exaggerated way and out of a context of real danger can become a problem, such as in the case of phobias or panic attacks.

The purpose of this volume is to better define this emotional dimension and suggest antidotes, remedies, and good practices for a healthy experience of fear, in the belief that greater awareness of what fear and courage are and what they are for would allow to face more serenely the complexity of world we live in.

ELISA VERONESI is a relational and system oriented psychotherapist, specializing in EMDR. She started in this field as a fam- ily and couple psychologist. With Edizioni San Paolo she has published Tu ed io diventiamo NOI. I tempi e i luoghi della coppia (2014).

PAOLO MARIA MANZALINI is a doctor, clinical psychologist, psychotherapist. He has been involved in psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation since 1992. He is currently in charge of the Scientific Committee for “Lì sei vero – National Theater and Dis- ability Festival”.


  • Through literature, art, and popular wisdom, a history of the oldest sentiment of world by updating it in the post-pandemic context.

  • Informative language aimed at those who want to fully understand the mechanisms of this feeling.

  • Authored by experienced psychotherapists.


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