The Intrusive

Emanuele Fant

The Intrusive

Brother Ettore, the Virtue of the Extremes

1ª edizione giugno 2016
Collana LE VELE
Formato 12 x 19 cm - BROSSURA CON ALETTE
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 176
CDU 82L 78
ISBN/EAN 9788821598395

We laugh, we are moved, we are amazed by the story we are reading here. A dark act into a story so rich in goodness and light. Ettore, the brother of the homeless in Milan, was a riveting man who was not afraid of anything, or so it seemed. But he did know the test, labour, lack of understanding. Good people go in the midst of many difficulties, sometimes scandals. Their really exeptional life is called to mingle in unpredictable matters. The author tells with panache this story of good, of ferocity, of questions. He takes us into a world where things appear different, following a little girl, her strange father and a man who was not afraid to get his hands dirty with untrustworthy people...

A crime story with Brother Ettore, the friend of the homeless, at its centre.

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