Marina Ricci


Mother Teresa's Gift

1ª edizione luglio 2016
Collana LE VELE
Formato 14,5 x 21,5 cm - BROSSURA CON ALETTE
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 160
CDU 82L 323
ISBN/EAN 9788821598661

Marina Ricci, Vatican correspondent of an important Italian TV channel, is sent to Calcutta in 1996 while Mother Teresa is facing a serious illness and is close to death. The reporter visits the facilities where the sisters of Mother Teresa are helping children in need. She meets Govindo, a seriously ill child no family is willing to adopt. Marina and her family chooses instead to adopt him: it is the first step of a journey that will change Govindo’s life and the one of Marina and her husband and children. Gogo, as everyone calls him, is suffering from a degenerative disease. He does not walk nor grow, but this does not stop him from loving and being loved by his new family and going beyond the skepticism of the doctors, who had given him only a few years to live. Gogo instead fills with joy his new mum, Marina, his father Tommaso and his siblings and nephews until November 5, 2010, when, just turned 18 years old, he dies. This book is a testimony of the precious gift Govindo was for his family, and for those who knew him, maybe even for a few minutes. Govindo: a seriously ill child from Calcutta adopted by an Italian family.

A precious gift for his family given by Mother Teresa.

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