Fake Pope

Roberto Beretta , Nello Scavo

Fake Pope

Fake News on Pope Francis

1ª edizione maggio 2018
Formato 14 x 21 cm
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 272
CDU 95A 169
ISBN/EAN 9788892215009

Eighty fake news about Pope Francis – reported by the main international newspapers, journalists o simply by word of mouth – are here collected and investigated by the author of La Lista di Bergoglio, Nello Scavo, together with Roberto Beretta.

A book about a flooding phenomenon that, as Pope Francis says, goes back to the Garden of Eden.

Is Bergoglio the most slandered Pontiff in history? And - if so - why? Is there a conspiracy behind the accusations that are thrown at him, or is it just the reaction of those who can’t stand such an innovative Pope? Lot of lies have been spread about Pope Francis, they provoke reactions, but nobody has so far listed and investigated them in order to draw a logical thread, and maybe try to unmask the instigators (including multinationals, banks, warmongers and sacred palaces) of the "Mud machine". The authors have collected 80 of the main accusations against the Pope in a counter-investigation: relations with the dictatorships of Latin America, masonry, the manipulated Conclave, accusations of "heresy", relations with the Curia, his positions on homosexuality, abortion, euthanasia, scandals and even gaffes ... Without forgetting that the fake news on the Pope bring to the center the theme of truth, so dear to Christianity: if the news is the contemporary "word", the false news is the voice of the "devil". And separating the truth from lies is the task of those who still see a mission in journalism.

Nello Scavo
is a journalist of “Avvenire”, where as a reporter he covers international and judicial news. Over the years, he has investigated organized crime and global terrorism and written reports from many "hot" areas of the world, such as the former Yugoslavia, Southeast Asia, the countries of the USSR, Latin America, the Middle East and the Horn of Africa. In 2013 he left for Buenos Aires, looking for the truth about the alleged connivance of Pope Francis with the South American dictatorships. Amongst his books, the International bestseller La lista di Bergoglio and I nemici di Bergoglio, all translated all over the world.

Roberto Beretta
is a journalist and essayist. He has written more than twenty books on historical and religious subjects.  

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