ENCOUNTERS Memories and Perspectives of a Feminist Theology

Elizabeth Green , Cristina Simonelli

ENCOUNTERS Memories and Perspectives of a Feminist Theology

Memorie e prospettive della teologia femminista

1ª edizione ottobre 2019
Collana LIMINA
Formato 13,5 x 21 cm - BROSSURA CON ALETTE

Numero pagine 192
CDU 22T 124
ISBN/EAN 9788892219533

t is the first volume of the series Exousia. Rethinking Theology According to a Gender Perspective. Its aim is crossing the whole theology and abandoning neutrality to adopt a precise perspective. Feminist theology unmasks the alleged male universality introducing the reality and the experience of women, their points of view and their partiality. Through this transparency of intention, feminist theology makes herself available to the whole theology. Feminist theology has been also a meeting place: between culture and politics, ecumenism and gender. In this volume readers witness the perspectives of the two authoresses meeting: they are both theologians who express themselves through different confessional and ministerial positions. This volume explains in a preliminary way the key themes and perspectives of a feminist theology.

Elizabeth Green (England, 1953) is pastor of the Baptist churches in Cagliari. She has been the first woman to obtain a doctorate in dogmatic theology at the Pontifical University of Salamanca. She is a member of the Coordination of Italian Female Theologians.

Cristina Simonelli (Florence, 1976) is a professor of patristic theology in Verona (San Zeno, San Bernardino, San Pietro Martire) and at the Theological Faculty of Northern Italy (Milan). She is a member of the Coordination of Italian Female Theologians and its President since 2013.

• Centrality of the female question in the Church of Pope Francis.
• Challenging and stimulating contents by serious and profound experts.
• The volumes are written according to hermeneutic circularity.


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