The Hermitage of Silence

Ilaria Nava , Juri Nervo

The Hermitage of Silence

Looking for Peace in the Noise of the City

1ª edizione giugno 2019
Formato 14 x 21 cm
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 160
CDU 226Q 129
ISBN/EAN 9788892212442

Juri Nervo is a young man like many others, at least apparently: married, active in the social field..., but his life hides the secret of a continuous search for meaning. For years he has been working where our society confines its malaise: prisons, schools, hospitals. These places give him the daily opportunity to shape his spiritual search. Over the years, he has been developing some proposals that have turned into true points of reference, in Turin and beyond: for example, his Pedagogy of the Snail and of the Silence helps school develop campaigns against bullying and at the same time promoting mediation. In recent years his vocation has found its form in the former Turinese prisons «Le Nuove», where he started The Hermitage of Silence, a path to find silence in our noisy and busy days. In this volume Juri Nervo tells his story with the help of the journalist Ilaria Nava in a style that is sober and warm at the same time. His human and Christian experience is a plea to all women and men of good will to listen to their deepest call and to live a full interior life even in our chaotic days.

A call for a new spirituality: a path to find silence in our noisy and busy days.

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