Cell and Silence

M. Chiara , Juri Nervo

Cell and Silence

And Other Small Occasions For Freedom

1ª edizione maggio 2017
Formato 13,5 x 21 cm - BROSSURA CON ALETTE
Disponibile anche in formato eBook
Numero pagine 160
CDU 22H 357
ISBN/EAN 9788892211018

Two people with entirely different experiences “meet” by email. Both of them are searching for something that could unite them. Juri Nervo, married with children, is a social worker in prison; one day he decides to contact by email the writer Chiara M. For many years Chiara M. has being confined to a wheelchair and has a close relationship with her readers after the publication of the “diary” of her search for God during her illness. Immediately a spiritual intimacy arises. Both discover that the images of prison and silence, who both live in a different way, can become symbols of human suffering and of the common search for God. Their correspondence becomes dense, handles big questions, the existential issues that beset the two of them and each one of us. The book offers a “dialogue of the soul” about our daily prisons. It reveals no fear of talking about pain and even death, but we can always feel the hope that comes from the Gospel.

A brave book that deals the difficulties of everyday life with faith and hope.

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