Dear Cristina...

Dear Cristina...

The Life of Maria Cristina Cella Mocellin told through the testimonies given by those who knew her.

1ª edizione febbraio 2015
Collana Biografie. Storie
Formato eBook (EPUB)

Numero pagine 322
CDU 92X 903E
ISBN/EAN 9788821586989

Thank you for having revealed these things to the little ones and for hiding them from the learned and the clever.’

The doctors do not know that it is Your hand that is guiding them. Lord, thank You for letting us know your greatness in a personal way. Increase our faith.

These words, written a few weeks before she died, give witness to the great human and spiritual adventure of Maria Cristina Cella Mocellin (Monza 18th August, 1969 – Bassano del Grappa 22nd October, 1995).

A young wife and mother of three children, Maria Cristina dies of a tumour at only 26 years of age, but she leaves a spiritual inheritance of authentic human and spiritual depth. The diocese of Padua, in the person of its archbishop. Monsignor Antonio Mattiazzo, considered that it should offer this experience of life to the Church as a whole and officially opened the cause for beatification on 8th November, 2008.

The book covers the stages of the brief life of Maria Cristina, making use of many witnesses given by members of the family, friends and people who knew her, collected by the author, schoolmate and friend of Maria Cristina and of the writings left by this young woman, who offers a lively and contemporary way of living the Gospel in today’s society.

‘I have come to understand that the closer we draw to God, the more we think of the love that He has for us and the more we are able to be loved and to love ...’

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