A Dream on the Ocean

Luigi Ballerini

A Dream on the Ocean

1st edition June 2019
Size 14,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 224
CDU R6N 134
ISBN/EAN 9788892218994

April 1912. Final preparations are underway before the departure of the Titanic. To manage the ship's restaurant, the Ritz, an Italian – Luigi Gatti, for all Monsieur Gatti – is called. He emigrated to London without a penny in his pocket when he was very young and he made it. Now is one of the most important restaurateurs in Europe. For the Ritz, Gatti selects a group of thirty-three compatriots who have always dreamed of serving at the tables of the most prestigious restaurant in the world. Gatti has the innate ability to recognize a talent and feel the responsibility towards his subordinates, especially the younger ones. Among them there is Italo Donati, only 17 years old, assistant waiter. In the only ve days of navigation that separate the ship and its passengers from their tragic end, the story of the life on board and of the restaurant unravel the love story between Italo and Alice, the young English nanny of a rich family, the Allisons.

A choral novel that mixes action and historical truth, the result of a long work of research: documentaries, historians’ reconstructions, testimonies of survivors.

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