Saint Joseph. Welcoming, Guarding, Nurturing

Fabio Rosini

Saint Joseph. Welcoming, Guarding, Nurturing

Saint Joseph. Welcoming, Guarding, Nurturing

1st edition June 2021
Size 14 x 21 cm

Number of pages 160
CDU 22H 456
ISBN/EAN 9788892225930

San Giuseppe. Accogliere, custodire, nutrire (Saint Joseph. Welcoming, Guarding, Nurturing
In front of the dramatic need for an organic growth of the masculine and the feminine, Fr. Rosini decides to enhance both, affirming their beauty and vital complementarity. This book has its remote origin in two instances: partly the need to explain to young priests how to exercise priestly paternity, and, on the other hand, the desire to help men and women grow in the harmony between masculine and feminine. The real reason to enter this adventure is that our generation has not only lost its father and embittered its mother… It has lost a global wisdom. Taking Jesus’ earthly father as an example, the volume proposes a path to learn not to waste beauty, to open up to welcome grace, to guard what is precious, and nourish what saves. At the school of a man who is as solid as he is humble, as strong as he is docile, we can learn the art of guarding life, that of others and our own, the natural one as well as that of the Spirit. He is that father who is missing in this generation and whom we have to rediscover. We are called to become that father again. A useful path for anyone, man or woman, who wants to learn the art of welcoming and experiencing the great things that God reserves for everyone.

Fr. Fabio Rosini oversees the Vocation Service of the Diocese of Rome. Since 25 years he has been meeting thousands of young people to talk with them about the Ten Words and the Seven Signs of the Gospel according to John. He has been sharing his very successful methods with countless Christian communities in Italy and around the world. He has been commenting on the Sunday Gospel for the Vatican Radio and for the weekly Famiglia Cristiana. Fr. Rosini is too the best-selling author of Only Love Creates (2016); The Art of Starting Again (2018); The Art of Healing (2020).

Selling Points

• The new book by the best-selling author Fr. Fabio Rosini.
• A challenging path for our fragile time.
• A call to be like Saint Joseph, to understand and put into practice God’s project on us.

 Saint Joseph’s art of being a father according to Fr. Fabio Rosini

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