Today I live the Mass. Oggi vivo la Messa

Laura Salvi

Today I live the Mass. Oggi vivo la Messa

La celebrazione raccontata ai ragazzi

1st edition February 2018
Size 12 x 13 cm

Number of pages 64
CDU R4B 141
ISBN/EAN 9788892214033

An active, economical, and colorful book to help children follow the liturgy and participate in the Mass. It is edited and made suitable for needs of the little ones.

The text is made up of 64 pages with the texts of the Mass: those of the celebrant, those of the assembly, brief introductions to the four parts of the celebration. Moreover, the different postures to be assumed are explained. Also, there are pages with some prayers taken from the bible that expound the meaning of the liturgical experience as praise, thanksgiving, and repentance.

 Laura Salvi is an illustrator and a trainer for workshops aimed at children, teenagers, and adults in order to promote a pedagogy of art by creating art. She is a consultant for teaching religion in the nursery school and an art teacher in kindergarten. As an author and illustrator, for many years she has been publishing with Edizioni San Paolo: Little fish from Heaven. Baptism told to children (2014), I Am Close to You / 1. Discovering and Living the Corporal Works of Mercy and I Am Close to You / 2. Discovering and Living the Spiritual Works of Mercy (2016), Jesus in My Heart. My First Communion Album (2016), My Rosary (2017), Earth is Our Home. 40 Activities for an Ecological Thinking (2017), Today I Live the Mass (2018), Today I Receive My First Communion (2020).

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