Nomads with God

Calogero Di Fiore

Nomads with God

La spiritualità del cammino

1st edition February 2024
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 160
CDU 22H 490
ISBN/EAN 9788892243569

The deeply biblical metaphor of the journey can be an effective proposal in educating young people in the faith, but also adults. To think of oneself as a nomad, as the biblical figures considered in the book teach us, is to decide not to live in the banality of the obvious, of the taken for granted. It is to choose not to cling to one's acquired securities, it is to decide to go outside the box to see with the heart and soul what is invisible to the eyes. To set out is to know and accept oneself for what one is, to build a real and reconciled image of oneself, accepting to let oneself be healed by the thousands of silences and encounters that the road offers. Integrating biblical-spiritual data with more existential reflections, the author brings out the questions of our journey and our life. Above all, he gives us precious encouragement on the path of seeking God and our own happiness: do not be deceived by appearances, do not give in to failure, do not be afraid, do not stop, do not believe that all is lost forever.

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