In the lap of the Word. A Small Guide to Contemplative Prayer

Riccardo Mangolini

In the lap of the Word. A Small Guide to Contemplative Prayer

Piccola guida alla preghiera contemplativa

1st edition February 2024
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Number of pages 224
CDU 226Q 342
ISBN/EAN 9788892243804

In response to the anti-religious and secularist drift that marks contemporary mankind, western man feels an ever more pressing need to regain possession of instruments that reinvigorate religious practice and, through it, the very meaning of the human story. Interior prayer, in this perspective, must be put back at the centre of Christian experience: we must return to inhabiting silence, the womb in which the Word originates and the condition it needs to be interiorised, so that the 'evangelical leaven' that has changed the face of the world is not dispersed. In this volume, the author presents a comprehensive review of Christian contemplative practice, with references to the great spiritual traditions. Thanks to the wise supervision of Father Gentili, the book points out the urgency of prayer and contemplation, essential tools to reach the inner dimension from which an authentically evangelical lifestyle springs: a need, this one, highlighted and placed at the basis of the great Synod called by Pope Francis.

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