BORN TO BLOOM Rediscovering the beauty and positivity of life

Emiliano Antenucci , Alfredo Altomonte

BORN TO BLOOM Rediscovering the beauty and positivity of life

Riscoprire la bellezza e la positività della vita

1st edition February 2024
Size 14 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 144
CDU 15D 111
ISBN/EAN 9788892243712

Fra Emiliano Antenucci and Alfredo Altomonte met and decided to write something that could help many young people, made indifferent and abulic by life, to rediscover themselves and believe in the strength of their interiority to rediscover the beauty and positivity of life. To do this, after examining various aspects of the reality in which we live today, they highlight its difficulties, limitations, injustices, misunderstandings, and false judgments, and launch messages of solidarity and hope. They reiterate the need for young people not only and always to be understood but also to be taken back, with authority yes, but with confidence in their positivity, in what is beautiful about them, in the values of which they are the expression. They feel it is necessary to curb the wave of devaluation of everything they do or support, to stand by their side to face together the strong problems they find on their path, such as bullying, violence, feminicide, gender ostentation, provocation, lack of work, a school that is often not very attentive, more a company than a gymnasium of humanity. It is through all this that one discovers new dimensions of young subjects who often only need to be seen, loved, appreciated, encouraged, to express their truest and deepest feelings and to be able to open their petals to a life lived with hope and joy, in the certainty that sooner or later, sooner or later, their blossoming will come true.

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