Silvia Vecchini


1st edition February 2024
Size 15 x 21 cm

Number of pages 312
CDU R6N 190
ISBN/EAN 9788892244016

Miryam, born of desperate prayer, raised in fear, removed and hidden in the temple of the holy city, returns to Nazareth. Here she is asked for marriage by Yoseph, the village carpenter, who is nevertheless frightened by the love that binds him to a girl whose secret seems to elude everyone. Even to herself. But soon Miryam will discover that the voice that has always accompanied her, woken her up, surprised her, shaken her, is that of a call. Miryam will understand that the courageous choice she is making is the first step towards becoming a disciple of the child she is carrying.

SILVIA VECCHINI For many years Silvia Vecchini has been writing books and novels for children, many of which have been translated in different languages. With Edizioni San Paolo she has published the award-winning novels Rabbunì (2009), Black Hole (2016) and books dedicated to the evangelization of the little ones like The Works of Mercy (2015), The Beatitudes (2016) and In the Blue Silence Prayers from the World (2019) illustrated by Sualzo.

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