Jesus' Questions


Jesus' Questions

1st edition September 2019
Size 15 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 288
CDU 21G 102
ISBN/EAN 9788892219588

Jesus loves to ask questions, much more than giving answers. According to the evangelical attestations, the number of questions he has been asking is bigger than the number of questions he has received. Taking into account these two simple elements, Ludwig Monti, monk of the Bose community in Piedmont and biblical scholar, started to draw up a list of Jesus’ questions, divided by Gospel testimony and recipients. The initial curiosity has become a surprising book. There are well over 200 questions asked by Jesus, and they are not only of rhetorical nature. Om the contrary: the questions raised by Jesus are of great interest to men and women of our time and offer a “planimetry” of human life. Jesus’ questions are invaluable companions who will provide every reader with a treasure to always draw from.

A book to learn, study, and meditate on all the questions Jesus asks in the Gospels

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