THE REJECTED STONE The Non-leading Actors of the Bible

Luigi Maria Epicoco

THE REJECTED STONE The Non-leading Actors of the Bible

Quando i dimenticati si salvano

1st edition May 2021
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 224
CDU 22H 453
ISBN/EAN 9788892225084

The Bible is full of side figures who are often forgotten, “invisible” who however make up the complete picture that wouldn’t be so complete without them. We are talking about characters who, according to the Psalm itself, become cornerstone: «The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone» (Psalm 118:22). The psalm verse is normally referred to Jesus, but the most perfect image of him are precisely people who do not rise to the top. In this way, they remind us that holiness is for everyone, even for the weakest, for the most fragile, for the last ones. Fr. Epicoco introduces us to this new effort, whose underlying theme is as simple as it is decisive: to find God, we need to investigate the folds of history, the details of our daily life, where we can find the little things that do not make the difference. Through marginal characters in the Bible – from Gehazi, the servant of the prophet Elisha, to the nameless widow of Nain, from the “minor” prophet Habakkuk to the boy carrying five loaves and two fish, from the servants of the wedding at Cana to the bleeding woman – readers are thus lead to the centre of the proclamation of Jesus. This path helps us decide on our daily life, the only fragile and fruitful place where the love of God comes to seek us.

Fr. LUIGI MARIA EPICOCO (Mesagne, 1980) is a priest of the diocese of L’Aquila. He teaches philosophy at the Pontifical Lateran University and at the ISSR “Fides et ratio” of L’Aquila. With Edizioni San Paolo he has published the bestsellers: Only Sick People Can Heal (2016); The Star, the Path, the Child (2016); What You Are for Me (2017); Salt, Not Honey (2017); Telemachus Was Not Wrong (2019); Saint John Paul the Great (2020), four-handed written with Pope Francis; The Nostalgia of the Father (2021).

Selling Points
• The new book from the master of contemporary spirituality and bestselling author, Fr. Epicoco.
• An original and fascinating reflection on side characters of the Bible as in inspiration for our life.

 From one of the most beloved spirituality authors
a new gaze on “rejected” characters of the Bible

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