The City of Burning Desires


The City of Burning Desires

Searching for Easter Looks and Gestures in the Life of the World

1st edition June 2019
Size 14 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 192
CDU 22H 423
ISBN/EAN 9788892219304

The author has been abbot of the Benedictine abbey of San Miniato al Monte in Florence since 2015. With him the abbey has begun the renewal of the monastic community, the opening towards the city, the welcome of many people in search of listening, meaning, consolation, faith. Because of this open and welcoming look to the city and the world Dom Bernardo was called to preach the Lent spiritual exercises 2019 to Pope Francis and the Roman Curia. This volume collects his meditations. They are inspired by Florence, the «city of burning desires,» and trace an articulated reflection on the value of the Christian prophecy in the tired cities of our days. Dom Gianni offers Pope Francis an original point of view to read again the need for a new evangelization by «a Church which goes forth.» At the same time, it offers us readers a deep reflection, which verges between faith and beauty: the beauty of daily work, whose aim is nurturing faith, and a faith that through work can produce nothing but beauty. Here comes a book that awakens the prophecies of heavenly Jerusalem in every city we are living in, because we all are invited to walk towards it again.

The collection of the meditations for the Lent spiritual exercises 2019 to Pope Francis and the Roman Curia: a call to everyone to be a prophetic sign of peace in our daily life.

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