Arianna Prevedello


1st edition May 2021
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 144
CDU 19F 293
ISBN/EAN 9788892225060

How to build a bridge between generations and to find the best way to educate our young daughters to affectivity? In these pages, Arianna Prevedello lets herself be inspired by classic and modern films to draw an affective education for girls. A book made up of suggestions, food for brain and heart, and a lot of mother-daughter complicity. How to answer the question: Do I love him? But looking at The Sound of Music! Idealized love or real love? With Sabrina and the unforgettable Audrey Hepburn. How to avoid yourself bitter surprises? Take a clue from Cinderella in Paris! The first part of the book deals with every aspect of the emotional life of a young girl through personal memories of the author. In the second part, a filmography of unforgettable characters played by Audrey Hepburn, Julie Andrews, Katherine Hepburn, Vivien Leigh and many other actresses helps every mother, grandmother, teacher, older friend find a filmic way to a solution together with the younger girls.

ARIANNA PREVEDELLO (Padua, 1976) is an expert in communication and training. She has worked from 2013 to 2016 on communication projects in the diocese of Padua, was vice president of ACEC (Catholic Association of Cinema Owners) and is currently in charge of the association’s institutional communication. She writes too for national magazines and has published essays on the pastoral dimension of cinema. In 2013, at the age of 37, she suddenly lost her husband Mauro, the father of little Viola. With the Edizioni San Paolo she has published Il corredo invisibile. Tutto ciò che serve è già sotto i tuoi occhi (2018); La grazia di rialzarsi. Quindici parole per rinascere dal dolore (2017).

Selling Points
• A book aimed at all mothers with teenage daughters.
• Inspiration from classic movies loved by even the youngest thanks to their unforgettable female characters.
• The most important themes related to affectivity read through cinema.
• The deepest questions dealt with a precise, ironic, respectful language.

 A sentimental education in the footsteps of the most beloved star of all times

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