THE DAYS OF LIFE The Consequences of Easter

Gennaro Matino

THE DAYS OF LIFE The Consequences of Easter

Le conseguenze della Pasqua

1st edition January 2024
Size 13,5 x 21 cm

Number of pages 160
CDU 22H 530
ISBN/EAN 9788892243798


The Consequences of Easter

By Gennaro Matino

In the previous book, dedicated to Christmas, Don Gennaro Matino had introduced us to understand how the incarnation of God has consequences that transform human existence: in this new volume, which completes the journey of the so-called strong times of the Christian liturgy, the author guides us to understand the mystery of Easter. Don Gennaro's pages are not simply meditations for the feasts that we are going to experience and celebrate, but offer a clear, precise path, written with an evocative language and capable of speaking to everyone, which transforms the preparation for Easter into an internal experience so, faced with the gift of a God who accepts to die for love and his resurrection which declares the victory of life over death, nothing will ever remain as before. Easter is, in fact, a time that changes all of human history: from the morning in which the women and the apostles discovered that the tomb was empty, the perception of the future of humanity itself has completely changed. We are no longer alone, we will never be alone again.

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