We Are Joseph

Johnny Dotti , Mario Aldegani

We Are Joseph

1st edition March 2021
Size 14 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 224
CDU 226Q 248
ISBN/EAN 9788892225404

Joseph is a father who stays silent because he listens to the Word incarnate in a fragile child.
He contemplates and meditates. He loves without possessing.
He obeys, gets up, and leaves for a foreign land. Then he returns and finds the right home for his whole family. In his everyday life he works, educates, protects, and waits. Joseph’s path is our path too.
The icon of the Saint, the foster father of Jesus, is a model for us all and can accompany us
in everyday life.
The new edition of Giuseppe siamo noi (We Are Joseph) is enriched by three chapters that update the volume on the occasion of the special “Year of St. Joseph.”

 JOHNNY DOTTI (Bergamo, 1963) is married to Monica and has four children. He is a social entrepreneur, a pedagogue and lecturer at the Catholic University of Milan. Together with Mario Aldegani he published for Edizioni San Paolo Più vivi, più umani (2019).

 MARIO ALDEGANI, born in Petosino (BG) in 1953, a priest since 1980, is a religious of the Congregation of San Giuseppe, a teacher and educator in the field of ongoing formation.

Selling Points

An original reflection on the figure of Saint Joseph based on the path of his humanity.
Our present condition has many features in common with the human and spiritual adventure
        of Youssef of Nazareth.
Aimed at religious and non-religious readers who have to face up to everyday life questions.

Fatherhood, family and education, work, freedom, and responsibility, everyday life, doubts and difficulties: a volume about Saint Joseph in all his humanity.

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