Carlo Maria Martini


Why He Spoke in Parables

1st edition January 2017
Size 14 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 240
CDU 22H 315
ISBN/EAN 9788821597787

Why did Jesus speak in parables? This is the starting point of the reflections by Card. Carlo Maria Martini. He wonders about the parables and their relevance in an time like ours. We now speak in parables no more, on the contrary «we talk about God in a broken, weak, oscillating way.» Immediate but deep, concrete and evocative, Martini focuses first on the communicative style of Jesus, then he highlights what the parables means for us today: to our existence, to the way we talk about and with God. In analyzing many Gospel parables, Martini invites the readers to learn to look at the world as Christ does, to imitate Him, to locate ourselves in the point of view of the cross.

A deep biblical meditation on the actuality of the parables in a time when «we talk about God in a broken, weak, oscillating way.»

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