Carlo Maria Martini


A Prophetic Voice in the City

1st edition October 2016
Size 14 x 21 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 264
CDU 22H 339
ISBN/EAN 9788821599279

Carlo Maria Martini applies the method of lectio divina and lays bare the heart of the relationship God-human being. At the centre there is the figure of Jeremiah, a man who could talk with overwhelming and strong ardor of the power of God and of his calling; a man engaged in a difficult – almost ungrateful – task: he has to announce the faithfulness of God, but at the same time he warns the chosen people of Israel of the disaster. The prophet is purified by suffering, so that he can announce the good news: God strikes a covenant with His people, He does it again, and with determination. Only in Christ this announcement will find its complete fulfillment, but the prophet’s voice – the cry of a tried but true man, in a “secular” city that is not listening – will forever remain a warning: it is possible to trust God.

Jeremiah’s voice is reminding us: it is possible to trust God.

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