Matteo De Benedittis


1st edition April 2017
Size 14 x 22 cm

Also available in eBook format

Number of pages 64
CDU R6N 119
ISBN/EAN 9788821599736

David, known as Dino, is a child who is a great fan of dinosaurs. He dreams of being himself one of them. In the backyard of his house Dino has found the remains of a strange eggshell which, according to him, can only be that of a dinosaur. And when his teacher gives as a homework a research on pets, Dino has no doubts: he will make a research on the dinosaur roaming his garden! To catch it Dino asks Sara, her friend and neighbor, for help. Sarah is afraid to play outdoors, but she accepts to help him. Together the two children prepare a set of traps based on the information contained in the Encyclosauria by Dino’s grandmother Emerald Fossilia, a famous explorer. Days go by, but the traps capture only the cat. The two children are so low-spirited, that they decide to write their research on the cat. No dinosaurs in the backyard. At least Sarah has overcome her fear of outdoor playing. But while the two friends are working ... four dinosaurs breathe a sigh of relief: they made it! They did escape Dino’s traps! A simple and funny story for children 6+.

How do you capture a dinosaur? Of course with dinotraps!!!

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